Scholarship Rules


Stark Co. Cattlemen’s Association
Distinguished Youth & Post Graduate Awards
Rules & Guidelines

The purpose of the Stark Co. Cattlemen’s Association (SCCA) is to promote the beef industry in Stark Co. SCCA’s goals, as they relate to the Beef Industry, are to: 1) Provide services for our Membership; 2) Educate and promote a positive image to the Public; 3) Assist and guide Youth

One way SCCA addresses it’s youth goal is to award annual educational scholarships in 2 categories:
1) Distinguished Youth Beef Awards – An award of $1,000 each to two (2) individuals who have excelled in the beef industry and plan to pursue a post high school education in any field of study.
2) Continuing Education – An award of $1,000, this scholarship given to one (1) Stark Co. student with presence given to someone, maybe any level of college, taking advanced studies in food, agriculture or environmental sciences.

Eligibility Requirements
Application for these scholarships is open to any Stark County youth who has exhibited a Beef related project (Market Steer, Beef Breeding, Beef and/or Dairy Beef Feeder, Veal) for a minimum of 3 years at the Stark County Fair.

Distinguished Youth
1) Applicants are to be either a graduating high school senior or an enrolled college student who is not yet 19 as of January 1st of the current year.
2) Applicants must be enrolled or plan to enroll at an accredited College or University in pursuit of a 2 or 4 year degree in any field of study.
3) Applicants MUST BE in their LAST year of eligibility for showing projects at the fair.

Continuing Education
1) Applicants are to have met the above Beef Project eligibility and preference giving to someone pursuing advanced studies in food, agriculture or environmental sciences.
2 ) Applicants must be enrolled or plan to enroll at an accredited College or University with preference given in pursuit of a Masters, PhD., or Dr. of Veterinary Medicine.
3) Post Graduates may apply for the scholarship for as many years as they are involved in Post Graduate work.
4) In the selection process extra weight will be given to students in Veterinary Medicine or Beef Science.

NOTE: Both Distinguished Youth and Continuing Education applicants will be evaluated on Junior Fair, 4-H, FFA activities and/or achievements, involvement with school or community organizations, scholastic performance and a personal statement. The above information must be documented on the application form (see attached). The applicant may be requested to come before an evaluation committee for final selection.

Award Presentation
The awards will be announced and presented prior to the Steer Sale at the Stark County Fair. All applicants are strongly encouraged to be in attendance.

Deadline for Application
The SCCA Distinguished Youth Application Form must be completed and returned no later than August 26th, 2019. Mail to: Chase Snyder, 5801 Kemary Ave SW, Navarre, Ohio 44662

Scholarship Rules 2019

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