Proposed Code of Regulations and By Laws

Stark County Cattlemen’s Association

Article I: Title and location

Section 1: The official title of the group shall be the Stark County Cattlemen’s Association.

Section 2; This group will be located in Stark County, Ohio.

Article II; The purposes and objectives;

a. To assist Stark County’s beef producers to enhance the quality, consistency, and uniformity of their product through breeding, and herd development for the benefit of Stark County and Ohio’s breeding and commercial cattle operations.

b. Provide a communication link between the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association and the beef producers of Stark County.

c. Provide or sponsor educational programs for its members through meetings, field days or tours. Explore new techniques in management, production, and marketing based on reliable research and information.

d. To promote the economic, social, and political wellbeing of Stark County’s cattle producers and all segments of the county’s cattle industry.

e. Develop a greater understanding between consumers and producers of beef.

f. Assume responsibility in providing directors (depending on membership) to the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association.

g. Assist other beef organizations, both production and marketing oriented, in promoting the beef industry.

h. Provide input about needed research and educational programs from The Ohio State University, The Ohio State University Extension, and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.

i.To assist and encourage 4-H and FFA members with beef progects.

Article III: Membership

Sections 1. Membership is open to anyone interested in beef production in Stark County and surrounding areas.

Section 2.Membership dues will be $ 20.00 per family per year. In addition, members will be encouraged to join the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA), and the National Cattlemen’s Association (NCBA).

Section 3. Members of the association shall be persons who as individuals or as business entities are engage in cattle production. Individual members and business entity shall have the same rights and privileges.

Associate members shall be persons who as individuals or as business entities are associated with cattle producers as providers of goods and/or services or who are interested in beef cattle genetic improvement. Associate members shall not have voting rights.

Junior members shall be persons who as individuals are under 18 years of age and are engaged in cattle production through private, 4-H, or FFA opportunities. Membership dues will be        $ 10.00 per individual per year. In addition, junior members will be encouraged to participate in youth activities sponsored by Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) through the leadership of Stark County Cattlemen’s Association (SCCA) directors.

A person shall become a Member or Associate Member upon payment of dues. The membership year shall be January 1 through December, and dues shall be paid annually.

A member may withdraw from membership in the Association upon presenting a written resignaion to the secretary. Such resignation shall become effective as of the date the resignation was received by the secretary.

Membership shall begin upon the date the board of directors accepts the application for membership and shall automatically terminate upon failure to pay annual membership dues. All rights, of whatsoever kind or nature, of members in this Association shall terminate upon termination of membership.

A membership record containing name, address, date of admission to membership, class of membership, and any other data pertaining to each member desired by this Association shall be kept by the Secretary. Upon the termination of any membership, for any cause, such facts shall be recorded in the membership record, together with the date on which the membership ceased. The membership record as of August 31 shall constitute the record for establishing whether a member is eligible to vote.

Article IV: Meetings

Section 1. An annual meeting of the members shall be held within three months of the fiscal year, at a date, time and place determined by the Board of Directors. If for any reason the annual meeting is not held, the business which may have been transacted at an annual meeting may be transacted at any special meeting called as designated in the document.

Section 2. Special meetings of the members may be called at anytime or place by the Board of Directos acting with or without a meeting, by the Presiden and Secretary, or by ten percent (10%) of the members through a signed petition which has been filed with the Secretary. Upon the filing of the petitions the Secretary shall give notice to all members entitled to vote at such meeting. Calls for a special meeting shall specify the time, place, and purpose or purposes, and no business other than that included in the statement of the call and of the notices shall be acted upon at a special meeting.

Section 3. A written or printed notice of each regular or special meeting of members stating the date, time, and place and in case of special meeting the purpose (s), shall be published in the Associations’s publications or advertised in other publications that are delivered or mailed to each member of record entitled to vote or entitled to notice.

Section 4. A majority of the members present and entitled to vote at a legally called meeting sahll consitute a quorum at a meeting of members. Each member who has not withdrawn or been expelled, or whose membership is not terminated shall be entitled to vote.

Section 5. The President or President’s desingee shall preside over all meetings usin the following order of business:

1.  Call to order

2. Minutes from last meeting

3. Financial report

4. Committee reports 

5. Old business

6. New business

7. Adjournment

Robert’s Rules of Order shall be followed in conducting an orderly and productive meeting.

Article V; Directors

Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of the membership. The number of directors shall be six (6). Position of officers shall be chosen from the directors. The directors shall serve a term of three (3) years. The initial directors shall be elected with the two receiving the highest number of votes being elected for three (3) year terms’ the two receiving the 3rd and 4th highest number of votes being elected for a two (2) year term; and the two receiving the 5th and 6th highest vote totals being elected for a one (1) year term. Each ensuing year, two (2) directors shall be elected to replace the tow whose terms are completed. The President of the Association will also serve as the Chaiman of the Board of Directors. A director shall serve no more than two (2) terms in succession.

Article VI: Officers

The Officer’s of this Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and other officers or assistan officer’s as the Directors may from time to time deem necessary and appoint. The Secretary and Treasurer office may be held by the same person.

President; Shall preside at all meetings, shall provide leadership to the Directors and its committees. The President shall be a full voting member of all committees of the Directors.

Vice-President: Shall in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President. While so acting, the Vice-President shall have all powers and authorities of and shall be subject to the restrictions of the President. The Vice-President shall have such other authorities and duties as delegated by the President or as may be delegated from time to time by the Directors.

Secretary: Shall take or cause to be taken the minutes of all meetings of the Directors. The Secretary shall have such other authorities and duties as may be delegated from time to time by the President of the Directors.

Treasurer: Shall have supervision of all funds of the Association, and have such other authorities and duties as may be delegated from time to time by the President or Directors. The Treasurer shall submit or sause to be submitted to the Directors at their regular meetings, statements of financial position and such other reports as required.

Article VIII: Finances

The Associations fiscal year shall be the calendar year. The treasurer’s annual financial statemnt for the fiscal year shall be audited by an outside person (s) designated by the Board of Directors. That report is subject to approval by the membership in attendance at the annual meeting.

Article IX: Amendments

The Code of Regulations may be amended by the affirmative vote of a majority of the member present at a legally called meeting of the membership. The formal wording of the proposed amendment must be mailed to the membership at lease twenty-one (21) days prior to that meeting.

Any amendment to this code of regulations shall become effective on the daqte of its adoption unless such amendment shall otherwise provide.

Enactmen fo the Code of Regulation

This Code of Regulations is enacted on Thursday January 31, 2002, in Canton, Stark County, Ohio by the following charter members present and voting;

KG Vincent

Stephen Lewis

 Robert Horner

Douglas Weingart

Cliff Linder

Respectfully submitted; Secretary, Becky Vincent

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