Ohio Cattlemen’s Association

Ohio Cattlemen's AssociationStark County Cattlemen’s Association is an affiliate of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association.

The mission of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association is to promote the economic, political and social needs of Ohio’s cattle producers, while increasing demand for beef and beef products.

As a grassroots organization, the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association is member-supported and services nearly 70 county affiliates. It promotes effective industry communications through its publication of the Ohio Cattleman magazine, published six times per year, and Cattlegram newsletter. The board of directors consists of 15 cattle producers who are elected to fill the 12 district and 3 at-large positions.

The focus of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association is to:

  • Represent all Ohio beef producers
  • Encourage membership of all Ohio beef producers and provide member services
  • Generate legislative and regulatory effectiveness through grassroots lobbying efforts
  • Provide industry information and educational programs
  • Implement beef improvement programs
  • Promote Ohio’s beef producers’ interest on the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Dues Division


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